Micro Race

Micro Race 1.1

Micro Machines-style racing game

Micro Race is a Micro Machines-style game for S60 5th Edition phones. View full description


  • Bright, colourful graphics
  • Fun courses


  • Fiddly controls

Not bad

Micro Race is a Micro Machines-style game for S60 5th Edition phones.

This mobile racing game puts you at the wheel of a tiny car, pitting you against six other drivers in manic races around colourful cartoon tracks. Just like the old Micro Machines games, Micro Race is a fast-paced, top-down driving sim with tons of power-ups and obstacles that mean no two races are ever the same.

The control method in Micro Race is a bit odd and it takes a lot of getting used to. The touchscreen controls involve you moving your finger to where you want the car to go and it following your movements. Bonuses can be picked up by driving over them, and you tap them to activate them. Unfortunately, Micro Race's touch controls are very cumbersome and it seems that your view is constantly being obscured by your hand as you battle to steer the car around the track.

The tracks (of which there are just two in this demo version) are colorfully presented and fun to drive around. The sound effects in Micro Race are very basic though, and there’s no in-game music to add atmosphere.

Micro Race can be a high-octane, fun racing game. However, you'll need lots of patience to master the controls.

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Micro Race


Micro Race 1.1